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I have hypothyroidism (Hashimoto) and have been suffering from depression. My doctor put me on 20mg of Lexapro and suggested that I see a therapist. Well, at my 2nd visit, my therapist said she believes my despression is hormonal and suggested that I get checked for adrenal insufficiency. At my 3rd visit, she even told me that I don't need to come back until the hormonal issues are resolved.

Here are the tests that my doctor ran on 06/03:

Thyroid Tests (100mcg Synthroid)
TSH 1.59 (.034 - 5.60)
FT4 0.70 (.61 - 1.12)
FT3 2.63 (2.50 - 3.90)

Cortisol (taken at 8:00am) 6.4
AM Range: 6.7 - 22.6
PM Range: < 10

Testosterone 26
Range: <10 - 75

Estradiol 467
Range: 95 - 433

My primary doctor referred me to an Encocrinologist, who ignored all of the above results. He ran a few more tests on 06/21.

No official paperwork to post results from, but Endo said the ACTH stimulation test came back normal, as well as my cortisol, testostone, and estradiol. He did passively note that my DHEAs was slightly low and that my TSH was now 10, which is odd because I have been on 100mcg of Synthoid since March and have been taking it at the same time and the same way every day, without missing a dose.

I asked the nurse to mail the results to me as this new doctor has already been dumped. He didn't increase my medication, nor did he put me on anything new... all he had the nerve to say was that he thinks I should get a second opinion on my mental health!!! He ignored all of my symptoms and didn't listen to me at all.

Are there any tests that I need to request from my new endocrinologist that I see in July?

Sorry this is so long. I am just so frustrated.
Another update:

New endocrinologist said I should start taking 50mg of DHEA daily and took more tests today.

She mentioned that my cortisol was on the low end of the range, so she did the low-dose (1/250th of the standard) ACTH test, drawing the baseline, then 30min, then again at 60min. When I had the standard ACTH test done, I felt unusually calm and pretty darn good during the wait. This time, I felt super dizzy and tired at the 30min mark, but started to feel better by the time the full hour was up. The test was done by 11am. It is now 5:30pm here and I am super lightheaded, dizzy, nauseated, and shaking. I haven't felt this bad in weeks!

I had asked for the saliva test, but she believes it is inaccurate and said this low-dose test would be best.

She also tested my B12 levels, thyroid hormones, some antibody levels that I don't know what they were for, and for Celiac disease.

I sure hope something comes from all of these tests. Now that my thyroid levels are normal, I've gone from being super sensitive to cold to being super sensitive to heat, which is causing migraines.

I'm not sure if I should start the DHEA now, or if I should wait until my result are in next week. Any suggestions?


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