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Hi thanks you in advance for you help. I have had chronic fatigue for 20 years. Last year I started having what appeared to be panic attacks. My Doctor ordered Adrenal testing for insufficiency. It was ruled out. I was refereed for psychological evaluation. I refused and was dropped as a patient. The fatigue has continued and recently gotten so bad I can hardly get out of bed or stay out of bed for the day.

Acth stim
base 9.0 (3.1 - 22.4)
30 min 24.2
60 min 28.4

Renin 1.16 (1.31 - 3.95)
Aldosterone 10.0 (4.0 -31.0)

IGF-1, 172 (94 -252)

I looked over my medical records and found they had not evaluated my pituitary except the growth hormone test. So I got the plasma ACTH and cortisol test run on my own.

8:30 am fasting
Acth plasma 9.4 (7.2 - 63.3)
Cortisol 9.3 (6.2 - 19.4)

I believe I am Hypopituitary secondary adrenal insufficiency. I have a Doctors appointment on Monday (new DR.) How do I get them to see these results are questionable and need to be looked into further? Do you see issues with these results?

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