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I have some labs the the Endo ran but he is not willing to share with me why he keeps sending me for more and more tests.. So I did some research and it seems as though it may be some kind of adrenal inefficiency.. So If you guys wouldn't mind helping me, I would greatly appreciate it..

Sodium 136 (135-146)
Potassium 4.1 (3.5-5.3)
Chloride 104 (98-110)
T. C02(BICARB) 19 (21-33)
Glucose 90 (65-99)
Bun 13 (7-25)
Creatinine 0.84 (0.50-1.20)
Bun/CR 15 (7-30)
Calcium 9.0 (8.5-10.4)

Cortisol 5 @ 1:45 in the afternoon

Ferritan 7 (10-291)

WBC 6.07 (4.0-10.0)
RBC 4.77 (4.0-10.0)
Hemoglobin 13.3 (12.0-15.5)
Hematocrit 38.4 (36.0-45.0)
MCV 80.5 (81.0-96.0)
MCH 27.9 (25.3-33.5)
MCHC 34.6 (32.0-36.5)
RDW 12.8 (11.5-15.3)
Platelet count 276 (150-400)
Neutrophil 46.9 (40.0-76.0)
Lymphocyte 42.3 (17.0-50.0)
Monocyte 8.6 (0.0-12.0)
Eosinophil 2.0 (0.0-6.0)
Basophil 0.2 (0.0-2.0)

So he said because he felt the cortisol was low he wanted me to do a stim test and these are the results

cortisol baseline 3 (4-22)
after 30 mins 20 (>20)
after 60 mins 24 (>20)

and he (the endo) had me go do a cortisol test at 8am and and 4pm today.. I won't have the result until tomorrow.

I would appreciate any and all insight on what my labs might indicate..

thanks you in advance!!!

Muscle fatigue (better but still a big problem) arms get all jelloy from brushing teeth
Balance issues (I will be just standing there or grabbing/reaching for something and will loose my balance or I will blink and almost fall over)
Headache (daily and migraines)
Ears ring (this is occasional but happens none the less)
Nausea (Daily with some occasional vomitting)
Digestive issues (constipation/diarrhea)
very tired but can't sleep/can't wake up after I fall asleep
NO MOTIVATION (this is a big one, my house is suffering)
Feet, Hands, Arms, and Legs go numb (depending on what I am doing and how I am sitting)
GERD/ACID Reflux (all day)
Feet hurt just after standing or walking for just 15-30 mins and sometimes I will be good for an hour. (seen a podiatrist and he said he didn't see
anything wrong cept for I have the start of a nureoma)
achy calves (especially if they are cold, which means I ALWAYS wear pants because they get cold and ache more if I wear shorts or capris)

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