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thank you for repling to my cry of help, the thing is i have primery addisons, my cortislo steriod levels were normally extremely low vertually non exictent which is why i am so scared now with my steriod levels not just being high but being extremely high for me and my condition which doesnt make sence now... my condion is completely the reverse of what it use to be.
Since April just gone when i nearlly lost my life after a small routine operation went wrong and i then had to have major surgery to stop a massive internal bleed needing a 5pint blood transfusion after (im lucky to be alive now but TBH i wish they never revived me with how i feel at this time).. i feel such a burden to everyone relying on my parents to just help me through the easy of every day to day tasks that i use to take for granted. the pain is herendous the not knowing what is going wrong with me is even worse... like you said cushings is the flip side of what i have or should say had with my

I use to have low BP syncope ect ect. now i have extemely high BP with tacicardia,low pottassium VIT D deficent high colestral ect , I am now B12 difinent with nuro problems, in the menapause at only 39, i have put on nearlly 3 stone since the operation in april and its not that im eating to much either, my steriod level IE cortiso is now 2238 where it us to be zero'd my fits and sezures are so much worse now (this is due to mycolonus syndrome and not epilepsy) the pain in herendouse, just been told need operation on my knee and there is something wrong with my lower back dont know to what extent until i see my consultant. the headaches are herendous where i never had headaches before, my memory is awfull this fatigue is not normal no matter how much sleep to have i also seem to wake up around 4in the morning all the time and i hate the nightmares i am getting now

This is why i am so scared and worried because i am completely the oppersite to what i was before and what addisons symptoms are> the doctotor examined me in london the other week and in his letterr it states i look slightly pelthoric and cushingoid, can i have cushings with addisons i have no idea?
(I thought you couldnt).. I also have a goite he said not looked any of this up properly as yet am to scared too

I am struggling so so and now i am wishing each day will end because having this pain every single day not only when i am awake but even while i am asleeping i dream and have nightmares when i awake the pain is there in the same place as it was in my dreams.

it feels like my body is trying to destoy itself and there is nothing i can do to stop it or make it better. i am getting to the point that i no longer what to carry on or live but the only thing that makes me do so are my to young boys but i am beginning to wonder if they are better off without me as im not even being a mum to them properly because my illness is stoppping me.. i need it to stop there is only so much a human being can take and im at my limit now. everyday is a battle and im tiered of this i dread opening my eyes each day thinking how will i mange to get through this day without my boys knowing i cant cope......

Sorry to be so boring and (i cant think of the right word for what i want to say) dull and down (nope that still not the right word i am looking for my brain has stopped working Grrr) i mean "NEGATIVE" ... I know there are more ppl in the world that is suffering worse than me but i at a point after nearly 3 years and i dont know how much more i can take each day..
But i do thank everyone that has commented on this website to me at some point in time over the last 3 yrs you have all been gardian angles to me.
THANKYOU ALL SO MUCH its only speaking on here thats got me this far, i send my love and thoughts to you all...
Huggs Cheryl xXx
just a quick update, my new endro is brilliant, his ordering loads of new tests over the next month..
I had a bone dencity and an ultra sound test on my throid yesterday, they didnt tell me to much apart from yes i have very thin bones i have a quiet a lot of small goites and 1 large goite around 2cm, not sure if this is large or not? also i have low blood flow on that side.

I do have a very bad husky voice had this for the last 8 months now also having trouble with choking again when i eat or swallow even with my own surliva sometimes.

having my pertuity gland checked with a contrast MRI scan in a few weeks time.

Even thou i have Pimery Addisions there checking my levels again with a short synthetic test and a 6hr ACTH test on the 25 Oct, not sure why they are doing this again maybe because my urine level was abnormaly high?

I suppose i will get all the prpoer results by the end of november, i know my consultants mentioned cushingoid and this scares me by what i have read..

Does this mean i could have cancer i wonder???

In one way i want to know at least then i will know what to expect because at the moment i am in limbo with all these new conditions popping up.

The worst is the weight gain over 3 stone in 3/4 months and the headaches are getting bad now, when they check my BP they tell me it is high with tachicardia, the fatigue is so draing. and the depression is hitting me hard at this rate i will lose my good man as well as its putting pressure on our relationship the last thing i can handle is losing the love of my good man....

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