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This is my first ever post. Very frustrated here in Florida. I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, doc does not want to go all the way to addisons's disease as yet, waiting to see what hydrocortisone does (12.5mg AM, 7.5mg noon, 3.5mg 4PM) My results on saliva testing were 4AM and less than 1 for noon and PM (I am going off the top of my head here but it is very close). I have ALL the symptoms, it's amazing really once it has a real name.

What sent me to the doc in the first place was oral thrush. Pitiful immune system. Started bunches o labs and Diflucan. Started hydrocortisone shortly thereafter. Now taking compounded T3 and armor thyroid as well. Thought the thrush was under control but now started back up again. I have the Nystatin lozenges, taking 4 per day, with little relief.

Anyway, 6 weeks ago I was doing some yard work. Got some cuts on my right arm. Really thought nothing of a few cuts. Went to the beach for a week, my husband was hospitalized for 8 days, and I paid little attention to my arm. Just really started checking it out this week. I reviewed all the info on MRSA and skin, and I can just about guarantee that it is what I have going on. I have about 12 of the little "pustules" on my forearm, that don't hurt so bad, but just won't heal. When I bump them, they will bleed like crazy.

The real question here is, I obviously have to go to the doctor on Monday. Do I go to the functional medicine doc who is treating the adrenal issue and thyroid and candida? Or regular GP? Or to a dermatologist?

Thanks for your help. Let me know if you need any more info and I will be glad to provide it. Oh yeah, just had genetic testing for gluten intolerance, and yep, that's a postive too! Have not yet started the gluten free yet.

How loud can you say STRESS!!

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