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I was diagnosed with Addison's Disease - Primary Adrenal Insufficiency on Yom Kippur 1998 when I had my first Adrenal Crisis. I almost died that day. After trying to manage this disease with Prednisone - unsuccessfully, my current Endocrinologist put me on Cortef - 3 times a day and it works wonderfully. At least until recently when I have developed Hyperthyroid and EXTREME Heat Intolerance. I have to change clothes several times a day from excessive sweating during what I can only call "Hot Episodes". These are not Hot Flashes and I am told are not Menopausal. They last about 20 minutes and I am soaked - literally. We are in the middle of a very hot Summer and this disorder is seriously making me miserable. I have lost weight, I am dehydrated all the time and I generally feel ill on top of the intolerable symptoms of Heat Intolerance. I have always had a problem with hot, humid weather - but this is a whole new level of discomfort. I cannot imagine surviving 6-8 more weeks of hot, humid weather -which only makes me feel worse. Any stress or the simple activity of eating dinner can trigger a "hot episode". I run fevers regularly too. I have always loved cold weather and I crave it so much now. Is there anything I can do to help relieve these symptoms? I am currently looking for work outside the home but I am semi-disabled from the side affects of this disease. Again, I have to change clothes several times a day because I sweat so profusely during these "episodes" -particularly my back, and you can tell that my clothes are soaked as well. This is an embarrassing thing to happen. This is no way to live.

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