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This is my first time posting. I came here to try and find some information about addison's and coping with extreme heat while exercising.

Some background: I am a 47 year old female and have had Addison's for about 15 years now. My regular dose of prednisone is 5mg am and 2.5 mg pm. I also take Florinef, I think .5 mg daily.

For the most part this dose is fine for me. I exercise frequently and am a compeitive tennis player. One of my biggest "stressors" is this HEAT! I do play tennis indoors mostly, even in the summer, but it still becomes extremely hot and I have a hard time coping.

I have had a very active summer playing many competitive tennis matches and have been doubling and often tripling my prednisone to be able to play competitively. I often also double the florinef. (I also increase my salt intake and all that).

I have been doing this for the past month and am experiencing side effects of too much prednisone...such as weight gain and easy bruising. I realize it is probably not very smart or safe to be taking so much so often. I have about another week and a very big tournament next weekend, then I will take some time off from tennis until it cools down.

I just wonder if how people with addisons cope with the heat? And exercise? I am wondering if I should even be playing competitively anymore if this is what I have to do in order to play well and tolerate the heat. I LOVE playing competitively, as opposed to recreationally. I would hate to have to not be able to do it because of my addison's.

Thanks for any advice,
I am 47 and have had Addisons for almost 4 years. I am also very active but really struggle during the summer months in Wisconsin. I like to bike but the weather and heat can really impact on how I feel. I take hydrocortisone which I have heard is easier to manage than prednisone. If I am going to do a big ride I double my Hydro dose at least two days prior and the day following the ride. During the ride I take extra salt tabs and small but frequent doses of hydro. My symptoms have gotten a bit better since my thyroid is more under control (T3 really helped that and eased the dizzy feelings I use to get). Hang in there and stay active!!!
I've never been on prednisone for my Addisons. See if your endocrinologist will prescribe you hrdrocortisone instead and see if that makes a difference. I'm an avid cyclist so I'm out in the heat also but biking may be a little cooler than tennis. I find the heat awful also but then I always did, even before my diagnosis. I take about 25 mg of hydro and 1/2 a pill of fludrocortisone daily, though if I'm exercising outside my doctor suggests I take the whole pill on those days. It's be a shame if you had to give up tennis.

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