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Aug 2, 2011
Hello everyone, I am here today to ask for any insight or advice you have. I recently went to an Endo to just get a view inside my body. I had all my levels checked one thing that stuck out at me was my high ACTH levels. The range on the sheet says 0.0 - 46.00 mine was 91.4! Almost double the normal level and my cortisol was within range it measured 24.5 when the range was 5.00 to 25.00...The endo didn't seem worried he just said come back in two months and we'll re-check those levels. The test was done in the AM at around 10:45. I feel I am in alright health, I do always feel stressed due to work and relationship, but outside of that I feel relatively normal, but now I am worried that the blood test is indicative of a tumor or ecoptic tumor or something bizarre, any help is sincerely appreciated. Thank you all

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