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Not sure where to even start this. I have been a very healthy person until about 5 years ago. I have PCOS and had a lot of trouble getting pregnant I ended up with pre-eclampsica and went into the HELLP syndrome. After this it has seemed like I have had something wrong with me all the time. I should be on the show House cause know one knows what it is. I have had a Spontaneous pneumomediastinum which no one could ever explain then for over a year after that I had problems with shortness of breath just feeling like I was smothering I could not breath in deep enough to yawn is the best way to describe it and my heart just racing. An electrophysiology finally figured out that I had autonomic dysfunction. Which we thought was wonderful everyone could stop telling me I was having anxitey attacks. He put me on Florinef and Nadolol. For the most part I have done well with only every now & then feeling the shortness of breath. If that occured he instructed me to take an extra dose of the Florinef and it has always seemed to help till now. I got really sick and husband took me to the ER once admitted they did blood work and here are the results

Cortisol (08/07 @ 0620) - 0.6 L
ACTH (@1830) 12.6
ACTH (@1905) 12.4
ACTH (@1946) 7.3
Cortisol/ACTH Stimulating Panel (@ 1830)
Cortisol-Baseline- 2.09
Cortisol-30min- 14.97
Cortisol-1Hr- 20.06
T4 Free-1.02
TSH- 4.12
Potassium & Platelets are always low

I am sorry this is so long and if you read the whole thing. THANK YOU!:) This is very hard on us not knowing. I am an RN and my husband is a Firefighter/Paramedic so we do have medical background but we still have no idea what in the world is going on & now they are sending me to another Dr. I'm starting to get scared. We have 2 small children & I want to be around to watch them grow up. Thanks again everyone

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