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i was diagnosed in 2009 with Primery addisons, since then i have been getting worse not better. I have had Vit D levels of zero, i have now been diagnosed with mycolonus & anti-cardiopolin syndrome, a goite, B12 deficinet (PA with nuro problems) also in menapause at 39.

MY 24 hr cortistone test came back at 2238 rang is 10 to 200 so this worries my. changed my consultant woh suspects cushingoid and says i look slightly pelthoric (think thats how you spell it sorry).

having 2 tests in 4 weeks time as i have to stop taking my fludrocortisone meds first...

I am having a short synthetic test which will last about an hr the other test i didnt quiet hear all i know is it is a 6hr test.

any one have any ideas, imbeginning to wonder if i have a tumar and am scared

I have put on so much weight in the last 2 months about 3stone, My boobs have doubled in size and hurt so much, my BP is thru the roof sky high and with tachicardia im also having extreme headaches & fatague but i seem to always wake around at 4 am have no idea why this is.

i hurt so much also just been told i have lowerlumbar disc and facet degenerative disease ....

Im pleading someone will help me on here...If i have cushings as well what do need to expext? is this a tumar or something else, I know all replies wld be on own experiances as we are not doctors but i really need help with these questions ..

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