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As I've had low potassium for a while, even though I have been taking 3, 20meq potassium pills a day for the last two years, my plasma acidosis test last week at Mayo Clinic showed my aldosterone is high.
My blood pressure is low and my sodium is low, too.

(FYI, I think it's relevant that I've had Meniere's Disease since 2003 and have been taking drugs to decrease the vertigo and vomiting, and other symptoms. The drugs I take just for Meniere's include diuretics which does affect potassium, sodium, chloride, etc.; I take other drugs as well. Not necessary that you have Meniere's Disease to post--you may take some of the drugs that I do, too, for other issues).

From what I've researched on the Internet and in these Health Boards, I see that many of you have had many, many tests. I read, too, that some causes for my symptoms could be a tumor on my adrenal glands or worse.

I am scheduled for a CT scan this week which is supposed to take 1 hour and 5 minutes.
-Has anyone ever had one of these?
-What are they looking for with the scan?

-Does anyone have any experiences with any of my symptoms?
-What treatments have you had? Frustrations?

Thank you.

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