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I'm new to the forum.

Since I had my daughter more than one year ago, I've been experiencing several symptoms, including extreme fatigue, joint pain (sometimes so severe I can't function), unexplained weight loss, headaches, dry eyes/blurry vision, heart palpitations, upset stomachs, heartburn, mouth sores, salt cravings, dizziness, confusion, low blood sugar, acne, trouble sleeping, night sweats, depression and anxiety. I also have had low blood pressure for some time and 10 years ago was diagnosed with PCOS. My heart rate at various times of the day has also been measured at around 150. All of these symptoms have been incredibly diffuclt for me, as I am a military wife who has a child to care for, and my husband is deployed pretty much around the clock.

I did have a 24-hour urine collection done, and many of my catecholamine levels were low or borderline. I'm still waiting for the hospital to schedule my ATCH stimulation test, and I'm getting tired of waiting for treatment. I'm just curious to know how you all were diagnosed, how long it took before you received diagnosis and whether any of you have a pituitary tumor as well? I'm at my wits end, as many doctors keep telling me to go see a psychiatrist, and while I don't doubt that I have some depression, I know for a fact that that is not the cause of my symptoms. I worry that there's something more serious going on.

Thanks much for any help you can provide!

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