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you know your right different meds for different folks. i simply meant that in my case weighing the side affects and effectiveness hydro is for me. what i meant by stomach issues is nausea and after about 2 years of taking pred i developed bleeding stomach ulcers. healed and hasn't come back on hydro. if i had my choice which i do hydro. i understand your sleep issues. most people with addisons have sleep issues. ever think the reason you are sleeping better is because the pred really isn't working good. i found it takes alot longer for pred to work too. during stressful situations you need help asap. something as insignificant as a broke toe could lead too an adrenalin crisis. i don't carry the injectables around so taking hydro is the quickest option. 11 years no adrenalin crisis. cross my fingers. i wouldn't wish a crisis on my worst enemy. good luck too you and always remember it really isn't what form of steroid you are taking as much as IF you are taking it. that one guys story of not affording meds almost brought me to tears, because i've been there.

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