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I had a pituitary tumor hemorrhage about 9 months ago. Didn't get started on hydrocortisone until 3 months later. Once on it I felt better than I had in 20 yrs. We've experimented with my dosage and times during the day taken. But my weight has also gone up and down a lot. Not so much because of the cortisone but because of severe nausea and throwing up until I got the correct diagnosis and was put on the cortisone. So, one of my questions is does what you weigh effect your dosage? If I weigh 220 lbs., would I take the same dosage as I would weighing 120 lbs - all other factors being the same? I don't know how much that matters, but it could explain why I feel better increasing the dose as my weight has gone up. I can eat now! But, I need to get to my healtiest weight. Anyway, thank you for your help. Still trying to figure all of this out.

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