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Hey! I was on this Board last summer & saw many posts by people recommending a Dr in Los Angeles that many here on the forum had flown from all over the country to see.

I really need his name &/or website.

He also allows you to send your test results to him.

Please & Thank you!

I'm brand new to this site as of a few minutes ago and I already feel useful. Maybe that's a good sign!

The physician I'm sure you are referring to is Dr. Ted Friedman. I have seen him referred to as "Savior Doc" and if the nickname wasn't already taken by somebody else, I would use it for Dr. F. myself. He saved my life, and I'm sure many others--he has a level of curiosity that keeps him searching until he knows what is going on with a patient. It was literally my mother's dying wish that I take the little bit she left me and use it to go see him, as I was undiagnosed for pushing four years at that point, and very, very sick. He is over a thousand miles from my home, but worth all of the challenges of coordination to have him as my endocrinologist.

Take care,


Thank you so much for your reply! YES! That is the name! Thank you so much. Can you please please fill me in? Where are you located? What had doctors done or not done for you in your area? Were you diagnosed as anything else first? Basic depression? How did you know you HAD to keep looking? How did you find Dr Friedman? What did he do with you? What was your appointment like? What are your meds now? How are you feeling? Do you work now? Did you work pre-diagnosis?

I am so sorry for all your questions. I am really really needing to get out there to see him & I am hoping your answers will allow that to happen.

Thank you soooo much for your reply!!!



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