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I recently had a saliva cortisol test done by my naturopath and my results were a little strange, they came back sporadically high. Here are the results:

[I]Morning 11 H (3.7-9.5 ng/ml)
Noon 1.7 (1.2-3.0 ng/ml)
Evening 2.3 H (0.6-1.9 ng/ml)
Night 0.6 (0.4-1.0 ng/ml)
My doctor also did a dexamethasone suppression test after the saliva test to check for Cushing's Syndrome. I suppressed appropriately on this though.

[I]Results: 0.8 (In Range)[/I]
For A.M. specimen <2.0 -Normal Response
2.0-10.0 -Equivocal
>10.0 -High probability of Cushing's Syndrome

So according to the dex test I don't have Cushings, but I'm confused as to where the high cortisol is from? I've had some random symptoms over the last year which were thought to be thyroid problems. I was taken off thyroid medication in the beginning of December as the medication did literally nothing for me. I feel 1000x better since being off it...Anyway, some of the symptoms I have are a sudden onset of really bad acne. My face especailly my cheeks have gotten puffy to the point of discomfort sometimes. My stomach has been bloated more than normal. I've had essential tremor on and off, heart palpitation and memory loss/recollection problems. I occasional get optical migraines and regular headaches more frequently. My cycle has also been much much more heavy and painful in the last few months. I also just recently developed high blood pressure. I have never before in my life had high blood pressure. In fact, it's usually on the lower side of normal. Anyway, anyone have a clue what this could all mean? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I'm 27 and female if that helps. Oh and thank you if you read this novel, ha.

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