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Hi there,

23 y/o M. Just got a saliva cortisol test done a few weeks ago, and the results were way elevated out of the reference ranges.

About two years ago, I was seeing a naturopath, who for one reason or another thought I had hypothyroidism so he prescribed me dessicated thyroid. That did not work out very well and I was having hyperT symptoms, so he suggested trying to cortef which made me feel even worse.

Ever since then I have been struggling with symptoms of hypo and high cortisol such as cold extremities, rapid hear beating before bed etc.

I have been trying to use Seriphos (PS) to lower the cort, and have had moderate success for 3-4 weeks, but recently it doesn't seem to be working well or at all? My DHEA was also quite low. I will provide values, if anyone cares to see.

Wondering if anyone might have a similar experience as myself, and might be able to help me out a bit. Will cortisol correct itself if left untreated?

Also, when my feet warm up, my hair becomes soft (as if I just used conditioner, my scalp also becomes less irritated) and my heart stops pounding. It's usually at its worst right in the morning and gets a little better at night. So I know it's somehow all related.

Thanks a lot for reading

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