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Are there any women out there who are having, or have had an extremely difficult time with Perimenopause or PMS? My Pms has recently gotten so bad.. it's almost to the point of non-functioning. A lot of the symptoms often feel similar to low cortisol and so i've increased my steroids, but I know that it's related to my menstrual cycle as I've been tracking it. I have an appt w/ gynocologist in a couple of weeks, which seems so far away given how lousy I feel. So fatigued all of the time .. absolutely no get-up-and-go..but never sleep through the night, depressed, headachy, night sweats,etc.

Anyway, has anyone had, or is anyone having a similar experience? And how are you handling it? I hate to keep increasing steroids to bring me to life.

Thanks very much for any input..


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