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I am very weak, barely functioning most days with most of the symptoms of Addison's. We have one local endo who I had to convince to give me the ACTH stim test. I got the results yesterday and he says nothing is wrong with me.

Here are my results SI units first and US in brackets:
Base @ 8:21- 560 (20.3)
after injection @ 8:51- 717 (25.9)
@ 9:10- 646 (23.4)
@ 9:37- 577 (20.9)

So base is 20.3 and after 60 min it's barely moved to 20.9. He says because my base number is a good range that the rest doesn't matter. To me this makes no sense because from what I understand the whole point of the test is to see how your adrenal glands respond when stressed.

I am very worried as I have no one else to show my results to. He wouldn't even give me a copy, just had me jot it down on a piece of paper. I am looking on the internet for specific numbers and how the baseline affects things but would appreciate any opinions on my results. I am feeling quite desperate as this has been going on for too long.:confused:
I am sorry I do not have an answer for you. I too am trying to find out about my results. My baseline was 11.3 but it went up to 26.9 so my adrenals responded but my baseline seems a little low...even though it may still be in the 'normal range'. I am just not sure if 11 is a low baseline or not??? What do you think??
Have you found any answers by now? Let me know what youve learned.
THANKS and hang in there.

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