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Hello... I have also had a hard time finding a dr or endo in my area that knows anything about addisons. I went forever before finally being diagnosed with secondary adrenal insufficient. I am also taking hydrocortisone (30 mg per day). I do suggest that u keep looking for a dr that has experience in this area. You are on such a minimal dose, it leads me to believe the dr doesn't know what they are doing. But I'm no doctor... lol - I do not feel like I am getting everything I need, I still have a lot of symptoms that the medicine does not help. I'm plan to try to find me another endo soon and get a 2nd opinion. I think I have seen 3 so far and none have a real clue about addisons. But the fact that I don't feel LIFELESS anymore was enough to keep me happy for several years but it's time for me to dig deeper now. I hope you find a dr and start feeling better soon. AW

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