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Help me! Please!
Feb 11, 2012
Too many E.R.'s!!!! I feel that it should be my safe haven, but even when I get the attacks they haven't been able to do anything. They kick me to the curb and call me crazy. They might be right a little. This pain and suffering has driven me nuts.

Anyways if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is from the very beginning.

When I was a little kid I had the worst stomache aches, allergies and headaches.
This caused me to miss school and other events.
I turned into an alcoholic for 10 years. An excessive one. I tried drinking away my stomache pain and headaches and also just the random stresses in my life.

I was drinking too much and working my body way too hard.
I would try to surf after partying all night and not sleeping at all. My body wanted rest, but I just went out and grabbed some waves. After a while doing this. My body took a beating and I would randomly feel FAINTY and I had this weird thing about checking my pulse on my neck I just didn't feel right.

I then stopped surfing and also playing basketball because of this weird fainty feeling like I was going to die or just fall over.

Soon I couldn't move my body to where I couldn't move my neck to change lanes while driving. So I stopped driving.

I would try to go to school, but couldn't stand it. I seriously felt like passing out and was just scared, sometimes when walking I would kind of brush my hand against the wall to feel more at ease just in case I fell.

Now I haven't been able to walk. I only try to make myself food and do dishes. My friends can't seem to understand. I'm going broke and my friends are telling me I should get a job. I can't move around. I need to find work that I can do at home and that is not on deadlines because sometimes I won't be able to work.

Symptoms: Pulse/pressure both go up when standing and won't come down until I have to lay down. Sometimes if I don't lay down quick enough I won't be able to move my body except for my legs, my head feels stuck to the ground, I feel to weird lifting it, right above the kidneys/shoulders/neck are in pain. Sometimes get cold and flush in the face like if I have diabetes or something. Terrified, I try to relax, weird brain pains, sounds and brightness easily will affect me.

I could keep going.
pain in my eyeballs, teeth.

The scariest is when I wake up in the middle of the night and can't breathe. I wake up and get so scared and my heart feels like it's not beating and then instantly I get a huge rush of blood go throughout my body and then my pulse goes up and then I start to breathe and then I stop breathing and it restarts all over again. I try to not think about it and I stop breathing and I almost fall asleep, but then instantly it happens all over again.

This is so upsetting!
I almost cried when I read your post I am having the same issues
I dont care what you have to do but go to an end, force them to give you a salivary cortisol test. The one where you do 4 vials in one day. Don't let them believe that a blood test is good enough. Its not. There are thousands of studies on why this is. You sound like you have adrenal insufficiency. NOT adrenal fatigue, don't even mention that they will laugh you out of the building, beware of a doctor that mentions adrenal fatigue, they just want your money. This is an issue that you have to beat a Dr. Over the head with, but the meds will make you feel much better, maybe not perfect but you will get that sorted out. Good luck.
Meant to say go to an endocrinologist
Your message really hits me hard because 9 years ago that was me. I was pretty much on my death bed before doctor's found out I had AD. I was put in the hospital after throwing up everything that I ate for a week and not being able to stand. When I was hospitalized I was 102 lbs ( I am 140 now and I am thin) It was so horrible. I could not stand, could not breathe, I felt like I was dying and to top it off I was addicted to smoking pot. Then I started to take hydrocort. and fludrocort and literally 3 weeks later I was 30 lbs heavier and hiked 11 miles through maui on vacation! It took my family making me eat literally 7 times a day. ( I was 22 at the time and my dad would wake me up at 6am on his way to work and feed me yogurt!) It's prob been a while since you wrote that and I pray that you are doing better. You sound like you have AD and you need to demand meds, that is what will keep u alive. without them you can die. 50 years ago before the meds were made people just died from this and it is very rare and not very well understood.

I am not doing to well because I have been so busy taking care of my kids, working, going to school, and being a wife that I had forgotten to take care of my health and my disease that can be fatal. I am a fool because I have done this to myself. i guess that i had just grown accustomed to feeling weak and tired and sleeping a lot that I thought no big deal but now it is getting worse and I am getting weaker and it's my fault because I have neglected to take my meds in the afternoon and exercise and all that. Please do not neglect yourself. Please do something now to change, you can feel healthy again:):)
Doubt seriously the condition you have is Addison's, if untreated its fatal. Get to an Endo and get checked out.

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