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Hello, My name is Steven, I was born with Addison and other diseases. I take up to 60mg of hydrocortisone and 0.1mg of fludrocortisone. I also use androgel, synthroid and whole bunch of vitamins. I do have trouble sleeping but I try to take my meds in the afternoon. If I need some hydrocort I will take,but will not be able to sleep if to late. Hopefully you will be able to adjust for yourself. No other person will have the reaction as you, nobody can know what or how you feel. Doctors read text and blood work, but you know how you feel. You may also crave salt and or water. I am always thirsty I can't get enough water. So going to the bathroom in the middle of the night is a pain. This is something I have been able to adjust over the years. I am 40 and have been taking for all of my life. Any questions please ask we can learn from each other.

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