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Hi guys
Really hope you can help. I will keep this short. Feeling like hell for past 3 months, I had to stop work, no benifits and am going broke.
blurred vision
cannot do physical tasks
weak, sick, the runs, numb/cold feet (its the middle of a stinking summer here?, cold feet are impossible!)
can not sleep beyond 3 hours per night
back is killing me, knees feel like they have arthritis
unsteady on feet
very underwieght
random rashes breaking out
mentally feel OK, ie have big plans for next day but the fatigue wont let me do them
strange dark blue/purple/brown (sorry I should pick one colour but it is truley this combo of colours) "rings" around my elbows, ankles and knees. Above my eyelids looks like I put on dark brown makeup. A surgery scar that is over 20 years old and usually unnoticable is suddenly brown.
I have a good doctor that I have been with for years so he knows I am not a "whinger".
So far he has established that white cell count is up, he did not know why, but treated with AB'S. Has repeated Glucose test twice which keeps showing I have reactive hypoglycemia, ie they give me the sugar drink and my BSL drops big time. C peptides are all over the show.
He is now looking for tumors on the pancreus, I asked about addisons but he said the cortisol levels did not reflect that. In the last few days patches of bluish spots are inside my mouth. I think I will die before he finds out what is happening, my gut is telling me addisons, but without a dramatic drop in cortisol levels he will not entertain the idea. I do not usually try to find "cures" on the net, but I have never felt so sick in my whole life . Sorry I know I said I would keep it short, I have not, and I know my spelling is appalling, but you get the idea.
cheers essie

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