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Hi Steven!
I appreciate your optimism and determination.

The craving liquids (especially water) sounds familiar, although not to your extreme. I drink well above the recommended amounts of water most days (our glasses are all different sizes, but I know they're all 12 oz. or more), and I refill my glass constantly, I know it's usually over 10 glasses.
My chronic intermittent vomiting was linked to cold, and basically if any mucous formed and I had liquid, I would start coughing and start vomiting. I could use water to break up mucous, but it usually did not make me more sick.
I am very concerned because I recently noticed a change in my urine colors. My MD is also board certified in nephrology and keeps dismissing this, suggesting Cushing's instead because of the weight gain.

I can tell you I noticed a huge improvement in my energy levels and my muscle/joint pain (which was most noticeable in my feet and hands, but had been very bad in my neck/shoulders for some time). I have had lower back pain for many years since my spine is fused, so I don't feel like that "checklist" symptom is informative.

Just walking around town for 2.5 hours (buying coffee, doing a couple errands), this weekend (with a burst of energy) left me hobbling (family said I looked and moved like I had arthritis).

My biggest issue is continued (and worsening) fluid retention, and I'm desperate for an answer there. It is mostly concentrated in my trunk (torso, neck, and upper legs, sometimes face), thus my doctor's suspicion of Cushing's. I've never been tested for hypoglycemia, but my doctors all agree that I probably have it (testing is intense, and family history combined with symptoms as described by friends and relatives was enough for my primary). I've noticed huge changes in sensitivity there since starting Synthroid. I can't function without sugar in my day. (No diabetes or high blood sugar, just very sugar sensitive and arguably dependent)

I'm still struggling to figure out whether things like acne and dramatic weight gain (not typical Addison's, but typical Cushing's) are tied to an adrenal issue or are lingering thyroid-related.

With thyroid disorders, there's a lot of docs who don't know that the ranges for TSH have changed, and don't bother to check for other things like antibodies and T3/T4/Free T3/Free T4 levels, and I am concerned about not getting bad information from my doctors again.

I've noticed a few strange yellow patches on the bottoms of my feet and a slight yellow hue on my neck, but again, this could occur with a thyroid disorder.

How do you know what is definitely thyroid and what isn't? And, I've heard of other people addressing adrenal issues after optimizing thyroid levels (because the adrenal issues weren't known), but I am wondering how problematic it is that no one's looked at adrenal functioning before starting thyroid meds.
With thyroid disorders, the adjustment process is also very long and drawn out. When you need a change in your cortisol, does it also take many weeks (or months?) before you start to feel improvement?

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