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Hello my name is Steven, I have Addison and hypothyroidism. I'm not sure what cushings is,but I take hydrocortisone 60mg a day and fludrocortisone 0.1mg a day. I also take 125mcg of synthroid. I know about some of these issues, so please ask any questions you may have. I also take androgel and a lot of vitamins,as well as pain meds.
To the Fourthmairi, I was born with addison's 40 years ago. My thyroid was found 5 years ago. I have a lot of leg and joint pain, mostly when I lay down. I crave liquids, when I 'm having a severe addisonian break down I crave water. I will quickly drink the water then vomit. I will do this over and over until the water stay's down. I must have hydrocortisone at this point. Yes, adrenal issues should be address before thyroid. You can not function without the right cortisol levels. If you have addison's disease then you will not function without cortisol. Some of the symptoms are, vomiting, joint craps, hot and cold, cold will hurt,confused,craving liquid,headache severe,and blurred vision.

Please ask any other questions you have, any please any new information you have. We can help each other. I can hold a job. I have been employed for over 5 years now. I will not be defeated by any illness, this is mind over matter.
Hello Thefourthmairi, I'm not sure how thyroid and adrenal are connected. The yellow patch's are curious to me. I have yellow tint to my skin color over the whole body. When I say yellow I mean a lite color change. People do notice but most are kind enough not to say anything. I try not to over think the medical things, I use most of my energy for positive outcomes. I roll over and over all night with pain in my legs. You would think I would become immune but no such luck. I refuse to take narcotics, but I do take tramamdol 50mg 8 times a day and gabapentin. I get quick relief from my hydrocortisone, I put a 10mg table on my tongue and let dissolve.I was told by my mother,at two weeks old I needed cortisol. once given I regained all my proper body functions. Cortisol works fast and if needed can turn a persons life around. As far as thyroid,I know what I needed and everybody is different. If you have any questions ask please. But remember there are no quick fix's and no short cuts. The best thing you can do is stay positive. I know this is hard at times but mind over anything wins.The human body is amazing, you do need meds then take them. But always stay positive this can be the best medicine of all. Thank you for your post.

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