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Hello! I'm new to these boards and new to the possibility of adrenal issues.

Long story short I've been battling chronic fatigue for over six months and chronic illness/infection for the past two. I've been tested for mono and a host of other things and when talking with my doctor I happened to mention how much better I felt when being treated with a steroid dose pack. She picked up on that and had my cortisol level checked when the rest of my laps were done.

The initial blood draw was conducted at about 1:30 in the afternoon and came back as 5.0. I was told the normal range (US system) is 3.7-22.4 so I was definitely on the low end. She ordered a cortisol an ACTH stim test for two days later.

I was told when they injected me that I should feel nothing, but might possibly feel my heart race a bit.

Less than a minute after being injected my heart rate was sky high, I was nauseous, had a "heavy" headed, and could barely talk. I felt terrible! Once they got that under control I had one more episode of spiked heart rate, that came down and after the second blood draw I was sent home.

I ate a little something, and headed to bed for a nap. When I awoke two hours later I felt worse than I had when I lay down and I took my pulse (I have a pulse oxymeter for my asthma) and my resting heart rate was 117.

I managed to get it down again using the techniques they showed me during the test but it kept spiking so I was advised by my doctor to go the ER. I was also itchy and broke out into a small rash on my chest and had a bad headache.

I was told that 99% of the people they administer the test to don't have any reaction and that mine was quite odd and rather severe.

That was Friday and my results still haven't come back yet. I'm so tired of waiting. I have several of the symptoms of Addison's but they could certainly be attributed to other things. I just want answers!!

Has anyone heard of or had the type of reaction that I've described above?

Thanks so much!

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