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Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my post.

I just had the ACTH stim test performed and the results are as follows for a 9 am draw:

base line: 14.92
30 mins: 22.52
60 mins: 28.36

Endo says these are in the normal range but is also having me do the 5 day cushings test. Its not like I am splitting hairs here, but isnt the base line a bit low? I actually attempted to have the test performed in the Endo's office but lost consciousness and had convulsions so he sent me to have it done in the hospital were I could be monitored. Could anyone offer their input on whether or not these numbers are normal?

Note: I should also mention that I was laying down in a hospital bed while the stim test was being conducted and I did NOT salt fast. In fact, I was so concerned about passing out again (which I do when stressed) that I became my usual salt monster).



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