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I have a couple of different questions..

Does anyone take prednisone instead of hydrocortisone? I was diagnosed in 2007 and began taking Cortef. Over the past couple of years I began to need more, and felt like I was burning through it quickly...after a few hours of taking it I would start to have symptoms of low cortisol: fatigue, dull headache, crave sweets. mainly fatigue and needing lots of rest. It was like every day was an unpredicatable rollercoaster of fatigue. Long story short, I had a horrible few months this winter -viral infection, non-functioning, unable to work, in the ER 3 times, lost my job, etc. So my doctor switched me to prednisone. I have gotten out of "the hole", don't have as many peaks and valleys, but am far more dehydrated than I was on hydrocortisone, and really would like to know if anyone else takes prednisone? What are your thoughts on it? I'm aware that it's a long-acting steroid and it is more difficult to mimic the natural cortisol rhythm of the body, but my quality of life was far worse on hydrocortisone. And I find sleep to be difficult on both.

As for the dehydration, I've increased Florinef a by 1/2 mg but doesn't seem to be helping. Does anyone else have the dehydration/thirst problem? And yes, I add sea salt to my water ...

Thanks for anything any of you can share...

Be well.


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