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Hello everyone,

I have had Addison's for 9 years atleats been diagnosed that long. I have had two adrenal crisis' in the past and feel that I may have one soon if i do not take care of myself.

I am not doing to well because I have been so busy taking care of my kids, working, going to school, and being a wife that I had forgotten to take care of my health and my disease that can be fatal. I am a fool because I have done this to myself. i guess that i had just grown accustomed to feeling weak and tired and sleeping a lot that I thought no big deal but now it is getting worse and I am getting weaker and it's my fault because I have neglected to take my meds in the afternoon and exercise and all that.

I wake up in the morning and feel exhausted and sore all over. I sleep in a lot and it takes a really long time to become alert. I have a hard time eating in the morning, sometimes I get nauseous.I always take my 20 mg cortisol and 0.01 florinef. By the time I finally have lunch somedays i am dizzy and need food. I am always running around and forget about my 5mg dose of cortisol in the afternonn (which is most likey why i fel like crap all the time) The more I read other peopl's post's I see how well people know their body and what they must do. When i was diagnosed 9 years ago my dr. didn't give me much info except takes these meds or you can die. Now I have muscles aches in my hip that shoot down to knee, I have neck and shoulder pain. My right arm always feels sore like I have to stretch it. LATELY I just feel more and more soar. I am figuring it may be cuz of the lack of my afternoon dose. If anyone experience these symptons please connect with me. I need to talk to others with AD. I am scared that my muscles are deteriorating and really fearful of side effects to the meds. I have never talked to anyone with AD's. I have been so alone in this that I just dismissed it. Now I found some support groups and urgently need support. Please if you have any advice for me or are going through the same, I beg that you respond to me. I need help. I want to get better, in fact it's 2pm- time to take my pill :)
I have Addison's also. I always take my med, but am experiencing the same exact pain you described. I am going to my endocrinologist this week and hope he will have some answers. Please make sure you take your meds. It is a matter of life or death.

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