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Jun 16, 2012
Hi, I have a brother with primary Addison's who was diagnosed quite young. I have been dignosed with Celiac disease but, a lot of the main symptoms that I had before are still there 4 years after being gluten free. These are the symptoms that I was hoping would go away. They got better, but are still here. Major salt cravings, major sugar cravings, major protein cravings. Very weak in the morning, limited time window before I have no energy and I become faintish, weak, dizzy, become hypoglycemic easily this time the most, low blood pressure every time it is checked. Low blood pressure upon standing from lying or sitting position. I take salted meat with me to bed at night so I can eat right upon waking and have to eat frequently or I become hypoglycemic and I need a lot of salt as well. I love vinegar as well. I crave licorice root. Take dextrose with me at all times and eat it frequently as well as chocolate and salted meat, sometimes the salt shaker : ) My cortisol level was checked a while ago and it was a low to med within the normal safe range. Is it possible to have Addison's disease when your cortisol registers within normal range from just a cortisol test? This as not the addison's disease test. Thanks, I could really use some help, doctors are a bit hard to talk to. I would love any advise!

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