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Recently diagnosed Addison's in early 2012 after a salivary cortisol test showed basically nonexistent cortisol levels throughout the day, in addition to concerning results from Genova Labs testing.

Doc gave me a trial of hydrocortisone. 15mg daily gave me instant energy. My life came back, but then I realized all of the future side effects that could occur if I remained on the steroids. Painfully weened off, and have been attempting to kick this thing holistically for the past 7-8 months.

> Has anyone ever successfully recovered from addison's holistically?

Currently, I've been on a ketogenic (no sugar, high protein) diet for about 8 months. I eat meals every 2 hours. In total, I eat about 200g protein everyday. Even so, I've lost about 15 pounds since early 2012.

I take licorice root and probiotics in the mornings. Nystatin 3-4x at 500,000 IU daily and plan to take this for another 2 months. I've been taking threelac for about 1.5 months w/ the Nystatin to help remove yeast. I also average 600mg GABA daily, used during stressful situations. In the evenings, I take chinese herbs (Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan) for sleep, in addition to 600mg more GABA calm. Finally, I also take about 7.5mg of mirtizapine. Without it, I have bad panic attacks and poor sleep. Finally, I also supplement with about 5000mg vitamin C, 500mg B-complex, and L-Theanine. I see a real genius of a doctor who has advised the above. I also see a counselor in the same practice.

I'm observing some improvement in function. Energy levels are still low, but "passable." I don't have energy for friendships or relationships right now due to persistent social anxiety and nervousness that I've never known since 2010. However, I am functioning at a 3.0 GPA average 7am-7pm everyday in college classes. This is a big improvement for me.

Even so, I'm exhausted at the end of everyday, and have to "manually" control my confidence, positive energy, and overall energy levels during social situations. I snack throughout the day on sunflower seeds, edamame, etc. and if I don't, I get even more nervousness, most likely due to low blood sugar. Additionally, I have to specifically force myself to be "unaware" of all of my body aches, pains, "skeletal shocks", and even tiredness. When I get home at the end of the day... I have nothing left.

> Being alienated from friends, and living "just to get by" is tough for me. I used to be highly capable. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm fighting a losing battle, or one that could potentially cause more damage if I don't take the corticosteroids. Any insights into the effects of prolonging low-cortisol? Does this lead to mental disease? MS? Worse?

My prayers are extended to the members of this forum. I still believe we can overcome Addison's with a determined nutritional plan. Your thoughts, prayers, and support will be greatly appreciated.
James, thanks for your reply.

I had a doctor's appointment this week. My doctor has been advising and overseeing my nutrition/supplement approach. He finally insisted, "You absolutely need to be on hydrocort"....

So after over two years of battling this holistically, I took my first 10mg dose of hydrocortisone today. Instant energy. Will be taking about 15-20mg daily to star out, then moving up to 25mg if I need more. Still have my concerns about long term implications, but realizing I only young for a while longer. Excited to pursue life to the fullest again.

Albeit, while I was able to supplement to ease my chronic fatigue and stay functional for almost two years, it has been a struggle. The low cortisol world is an emotional and psychologically taxing place, that I don't wish upon anybody for any extended period of time.

As a final note: A holistic approach to Addison's is highly unsustainable at $1000/month for supplements and diet to do "right". In comparison, hydrocortisone was $4.56 at the pharmacy today. Nevertheless, I've learned more about health, nutrition, and biology than I ever would have dreamed of learning. In this way, I will continue to supplement based on what I can afford. This will most likely include Source Natural Tribulus Extract (low testosterone), Source Naturals GABA Calm (sleep), Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan herbal tea extract (sleep), L-glutamine (digestion), and Iron.

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