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another thing I want to say is that you should have some hydrocortizone and floraneff on hand because in your state you are very suseptable to an adrenal crisis. I have seen this happen and it happens fast, you are too out of it too communicate and end up dead or in a coma if someone gets to you in time. so in your search for the cause, keep the harsher meds around so you still have time to find the cause, you may have a shot the docs have given you to administer if you end up in this state but it doesn't do a whole lot once your there, so if you are feeling real bad some time you can at least start taking the pills and keep yourself here.:) please. lots of love to you, I know what your going through and it WILL be OK.

....long term effects, well one would be low glucose levels which if you add a fight or car accident, you could potentialally end up dead real fast it is a very fine line. you know what you feel from the natural way and you know what you feel from the steroids so if you don't feel better soon I would switch. But, check out the Celiac thing first!.....
I was diagnosed with Addison's almost 26 years ago and have no side effects from the medication. I recently asked my endocrinologist about the many listed side effects of cortisone and he said in our case (replacement) there should be no long term side effects. So far so good.

If you are not functioning properly you likely do not have enough cortisone in your body.
Get your levels too low and you will slip into crisis...When that happens you can turn septic in minutes. I have had it happen to me.
Please be very very careful.

There are other forms of cortisone to try if you are getting headaches.
Talk to your endocrinologist.

Best of luck!
I absolutely would go back on your cortisol and aldosterone med. Addison's is a deficiency state and those are just replacing the deficient hormones back to a normal level, The side effects from steroids that you read about are from excess steroids at levels used to suppress immune function, above and beyond the normal levels your body produces. There is no reason to live like you are, barely surviving and functioning. If your thyroid was deficient you'd replace that. This disease can kill, but worse, make you live in a state where you'd rather die you feel so awful. Please give your body what it needs since it isn't making it like it should. You should not have side effects as long as your doses are appropriate.
Thanks again for the encouragement. I really appreciate the reinforcement to stick with hydrocort. Today will be day 3 of taking hydrocprt after a 2.5 year holistic battle with addison's. A test a month ago showed cortisol below the low range three times of the day, and was very low in the mornings. I've been living in a colorless world for far too long.

Yesterday I took up to 25mg but have been feeling sleepy after every dose. It's not an agonizing sleepiness by any means- more like a warm drunkenness. I speculate this is merely a drop in blood sugar when I take the hydrocort because I have been notoriosly reactive hypoglycemic since the start of all this...

However, I have not eaten sugar for about 8 months. Instead, I have maintained a strict keyogenic/paleolithic diet that diminished these symptoms. So, I wonder why this is happening with the introduction of hydrocort?

Please share your insights. Thanks!
Hi, I'm still waiting for my Addison's Disease result's. I feel the same way about steroids but it doesn't seem like there are any other options. When I bought up trying to control it with diet, with my doctor, he told me this isn't something you can control with diet. It caught my eye when you mentioned Candida, before I was diagnosed with low cortisol another doctor wanted to treat me for Candida also. Keep me updated on how you're doing but please do be careful! From everything I've read, steroids are the only treatment. No one wants to be on them any less than I do but if there is a holistic approach that works, I'm all for it! Take care of yourself and be safe! Wishing you all the best!

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