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OMG what a fantastic post by you! Im getting alot out of it,, Im the King of Natural healing now, My sucess from Supplements and walking a mile per day has been thru the Roof Trust me,, ive taken Prednisone for low adrenals My dr never uses the term Addisons Disease Ever Kinda kewl huh! hes a Great talented endocrinologist, has a withered hand which doesnt bother him or his patents

Ill keep this short cuz its 5 30 am here in Portland Im a male of 53 look younger cuz of genes, Have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the nightmare symptoms for many decades Im 90 Percent cured now and people i know are happy,, I did it all Drug free, it was all due to malnutrition,, Super common but People deny its existance,, Think Overexercising that is recommended with a strict low calorie diet alot of people due == severe Malnutrition no brainer huh
I take 5 mg of Prednisone or sneak more hahah that my main drug for The Adrenals! see ya soon , Mike in PDX

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