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[QUOTE=vbway;5022174]Hi. I would appreciate any help. I first did a salvia cortisol test. My a.m test results were .83 which is extremely low. My Dr. suspected Addison's because I have many of the symptoms. But then he ordered my cortisol checked in a blood test. The a.m result was a whopping 34.3. I don't understand how that could be. I am hoping someone here has some insight. I have been ill for so long. It is really wearing on me. I have to push myself so hard just to get out of bed. I am starting to get depressed because my life has changed so drastically. I also feel like I am failing my children. I want to be who I was two years ago. This has been the most trying time in my life. As a divorced mother of two, with no help from my ex, his family or my family, I am overwhelmed. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully give some input. I appreciate it very much.


Im sorry u are confused and i hope i can help.. there are more syptoms than just being tired when u have addisons disease. i was diagnosed with it about 9 years ago. here are some symptoms to look out for it. ur tiredness could b a different problem. u will have clear to almost perfect skin, it will b tanned all year around, u crave salt, u are skinny n can eat whatever u want n u will not gain weight, u can sleep all the time n still feel tired, u may not sweat like a normal person does. generally when diagnosed u will b in ur early 20 or late 40... u normally go into addrenal crisis b4 diagnosed. n that is where ur heart stopps. so if u have it. do not wait..

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