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I have endometriosis, and after some treatments for that (medical menopause) all these other things started happening. They've gotten really bad. Ive seen a lot of specialists, and spent 2 weeks in the hospital last week trying to figure out why my upper abdomin hurt so damn bad. I'm 20, and no one can figure out whats wrong with me. My therapist noticed they havent tested for addisons and that a lot of my symptoms fit. Please let me know if i should see an endocrinologist?
Extreme Fatigue [/B] (have to take a nap almost everyday no matter how much sleep i get)

Decreased appitite ([I] but no weight loss[/I])

[B]When i am hungry i crave salt, bad. [/B]

A lotttt of sweating/ hot flashes.

Darkening of a patch of tanned skin(even though it hasnt been in the sun)

Fainting, occasional low blood pressure

[B]Nausea and diarrhea (one or both almost every day,...violent) [/B]

Skin peeling in my mouth
Severe muscle and joint pain/pressure[/B] (daily basis, to the point of not being able to move)


Chronic infections [B](26 in a year and a half) [/B]

Chronic utiís

[B]Chronic abdominal pain, under the ribs on both sides. (uncontrollable crying during ultrasounds, especially over the kidneys) (fetal position and unable to move, eat, breathe during a "flare") [/B]

Heart palpitations- cleared by cardiologist, nothing wrong with my heart.

also i forgot... when im in alot of pain i tend to "see things" or "smell things" that arent around. Usually smell ammonia or something like that to the point of making me want to vomit or faint. I'm guessing that's pain messing with my head?

I promise i am not crazy, and please don't get mad for me posting here, i'm just trying to find some answers. This isnt normal and i don't know where to go next. :(

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