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I have been dealing with chronic fatigue and symptoms of low cortisol for a while. ( hypoglycemia, fatigue, intolerance to stress, blood pressure issues, anxiety, etc.)

I had an AM cortisol of 4.1 ug/dl and a low normal ACTH value prompting my endo to do the stim test.

I am thoroughly confused as the results seem to conflict my original cortisol test. I will note that I didn't sleep at all before the test, not even a minute, and was highly stressed out.

Baseline cortisol: 21.4 range: 2.3 -19.4 ug/dl
30 mins: 33.0
60 mins: 35.1

So are my adrenals ok? or did the fact that I didn't sleep and was running on pure adrenaline that day mean the test is invalid. Very confused.

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