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Re: Constant thirst
Aug 27, 2012
thank you both very much for your replies. Ladybug, I will check with my doc about the testing you suggested. Funny I've told him frequently about the constant thirst and he just blows it off. Probably time to find a new endo .. I've seen so many docs and they've all been so "in the box" regarding this condition. You learn to sort of be your own doc.

And Knickerbocker .. I've been sort of thinking that maybe I'm so thirsty because I take in so much salt. But I crave it. I can barely taste anything that isn't salty, and I have chronically low BP. I'm also extremely underweight at the moment due to some digestive problems/malabsorption, and so I have a protein shake everyday. The digestive issues could also be tied to the dehydration. However, I do NOT have diarrhea.. more close to the opposite. My digestive problems are liver/gallbladder related.

And there's nothing artificial in the products I use: sprouted brown rice protein powder, egg white protein powder, and fermented soy ... and they are all free of sweeteners. Do you know if there is anything about protein powders in general that is dehydrating? Hope not. I crave them ..

Thanks again for your responses. Greatly appreciated. :)


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