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I'm looking for any input regarding Addison's/Adrenal Insufficiency and Perimenopause. I'm 42 years old and my hormones are definitely imbalanced and in decline. I have severe PMS - to the point of non-functioning because I'm so exhausted & yuck feeling; night sweats, headaches, depression, carbohydrate & sugar cravings,etc. I'm educating myself as much as possible about hormone replacement, but I'd love to hear from anyone who is going through this, or has gone through, and how they handled it. I've read that higher estrogen and progesterone levels in the latter half of the cycle block cortisol's effects in women so low cortisol is often the the cause of PMS.. so it would make sense to increase cortisone for the week before menstruation. Right??

Anyway, I have not found doctors to be of much help with this .. for whatever reason, the endo's only want to deal w/ cortisone replacement and don't have much knowledge about the other hormones, and the gyno's don't have a broad understanding of cortisol and only want to look and your estrogen and progesterone levels. You would think they would know that all of these hormones are interrelated and dependent on each other...

I have found a few docs online who are very knowledgeable about the entire endocrine system, but they're located on the other side of the country. :(

Thanks very much for reading this, and thank you for any insight you can share.


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