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I was diagnosed at 8, im now 19, and I have had an essentially normal and good life so far. I will occaisionally get frustrated when I have the odd hiccup that come about from the addisons (like this year i got high blood pressure cos my fludrocortisone dose was too high - i was very fatigued, but the bp is now completely back to normal). Other than these few things that get in the way, I live every day the same as any of my friends and in a way, I wouldn't change my diagnosis even if I could because it has made me who I am. I am currently studying to be a nurse (cos of all the time I spent in hopsital before diagnosed - took them ages!) and my only worry for the future is in keeping my energy up during a high pressure job, but I've managed so far with energy while studying full time and working 25ish hours a week. It doesnt interfere too much with what I can or can't do, and my friends are all very good about it and either make no deal about it at all, or just show curiosity.
In regards to someone who asked about discreet medic alert jewellery, I just purchased a new medic alert necklace off a website (i used as im in new zealand, but im sure there would be a site for each country), and they have things like dog tags and emblems that you can attach to a watch strap and stuff that is more subtle so people won't ask so often. I used to hate explaining, mostly because I wasnt really sure how, but I dont mind anymore.

Good luck everyone! :)

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