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1) The most important aspect of successfully dealing with Addison's is the knowledge that you have about the disease and its treatment. There is a lot of available information on the internet and and a lot of good message boards that are specific to Addison's disease. You can not rely on the doctor your daughter is seeing because most endo's have very few Addison's patients. They will only have the basic information. This is just my opinion.

2) The timing and dosage of your cortisol is VERY IMPORTANT. Some doctors will prescribe 5 mg of prednisone once daily. This is the prescription that I started with. The problem with a single dosage of prednisone is that it takes several hours for it to "kick in". It would be noon before I felt like doing anything.

I change my cortisol treatment to the following:
1.25 MG of Predisone at Bedtime. This will give me a little bit of cortisol to start at about 3-4 AM. I then take 10 MG HC upon waking (I keep it by my bedstand). Then I take 5 MG of HC at 11 AM and 5 MG HC at 4 PM. This amount of cortisol is the equivalent of about 24 MG of HC.

I give myself more HC when I have sickness, stomach, or digestive problems, stress (either emotional or phyicsal), and in the summertime and sometimes in the winter. It is important to know your body and try to figure out when it needs more cortisol.

I take 25 MG of DHEA (over the counter). I use the Natrol brand. Make sure you a good source as theses supplements are over the counter.

I take the basic .1 MG of fludrocort and in the some double it. It is important to keep your salt and mineral levels at the right amount, which can be difficult at times.

I hope this helps. Addison's can be a lot worse than it needs to be if it is not treated properly/aggressively. I live an active life and really had to work hard to get it back!

Take care and post any more questions that you may have.

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