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This doesn't need to be the case! I've had addison's since i was 8, im now 19, and it is ALL in the dosage and the TIMING (for me that has been more important). As I was growing we changed my dosage alot as it was a fine line between too much and too little, so I know both sides of it. I believe I am on the right dosage of hydrocortisone now for me - 15mg when I wake up, 5mg at 1pm, and 5mg at bedtime. I also take fludrocortisone. And on this dosage i completely do have drive, passion, energy for life etc. Some days are lower than others, but surely thats the same with or without addisons. At times I have been on not enough, I did lack energy and therefore drive, and this year we found my fludro dose too high giving me high blood pressure which fully fatigued me to the point of depression etc. I do have to chill out for a day or two after a while of living life like my friends, but other than that I have a drive for life (just sometimes have to give myself a lil kick in the leg to get myself out of bed and the house).

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