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Hello all, I have graves' disease which caused me to go hyperthyroid. I was diagnosed with this around 2 years ago. It was pulled back down to normal range but it has always been unstable. I raise/drop a few points every month. My T4/T3 are top end of normal and my TSH is still 0. I'm on 10mg Carbimazole and haven't had RAI/surgery.

I'm still very edgy, anxious all day - every day. Can't concentrate, can't remember anything etc. My heart rate is 100+ bpm. I know these problems also come with hyperthyroidism but it should have got better by now as my levels have been normal for a while. I asked for tests on my adrenal glands to see if there were additional problems there. I had read these endocrine disorders tend to come together with one problem area sending the others crazy.

I had a synacthen test done where they injected me with a synthetic ACTH. The nurse has said it is normal... but I've heard that before and don't really trust their version of normal anymore. I don't get a kick out of being ill, I just want to be well again. I know a fair amount about graves' and hyperthyroidism but nothing about adrenal dysfunction.

I wondered if anyone here knows if these results mean anything;

Cortisol before injection - 478 nmol/L
after injection - 800 nmol/L

Dose was 250mcg. I had the first test done at 10am, then again at 10.30am.

Thank you.

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