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Any women here gone thru menopause yet ? and is it easier or harder having Addisons and Menoapuse? Symptoms?:angel:
I am 51 years old and for the last 10 months or so my periods are so wacky, I would have a very very heavy period w/extremely bad cramps( doubled over in pain and in bed for a week and taking Tylenol or Midol nothing really helped ease the cramps) like I used to when I was a teenager and 13 all over again, my periods where tolerable after my 1st son was born when I was 26, I could deal with the cramps, but this is so horrible I would not wish this on anyone, then nothing for the next 2 months so every 2 months or so I can expect a really nasty period from hell then maybe a occasional spotty period for less than 1/2 a day,Dr says all my labs and pap tests are normal, so what gives? I don't get it !!
I have enough to do with juggling Addisons and Hypothyroidism now this ugh!!!
I feel as though I am going to go crazy!!, I just want to be normal and my old life and body back I had enough !! Sorry I am just venting.
btw I have had Addisons since DX in 1989.

I get very moody and very irritable then I get the occasional hot flash and then flushed and so beet red in my face followed by really bad headaches that won't go away ,sometimes but not all the time occasional night sweats and I can't sleep at night I feel like I could stay up for 4 or 5 days in a row and not be tired the next day, is this Menopause? What did you do for your symptoms? What to do?
I have been putting on alot of weight the last couple of months like 20 pounds plus I also quit smoking Sept 12th 2012 maybe this is something to do with the weight gain and weird craving of sugary stuff like cakes and cookies it seems I can't get enough of sweets? when I first quit smoking no cravings at all and no weight gain now within the last month or so I am packing it on I am walking every day for 30 minutes in my apt complex and trying so hard to eat the right stuff but I seem to be hungry all the time why? maybe it's water retention plus the weight gain ? ...btw my blood pressure is always 120 over 80 so no high blood pressure that would cause the bad headaches.
I have talked to my Dr but he doesnt understand , he always says I am doing good and he has no concerns about my weight either.
I have searched and searched on the internet and also my local library for answers but found nothing relating to having Addisons and menopause ??


I am on Hyrdocortisone 20MG 1 PILL AM AND THEN 1/2 P.m

Fludrocortisone 0.1 MG every other day till the hot summer hits here in Fla then I take 1 every day.

Synthroid 75 MCG 1X

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