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My cortisol has been tested 4 times over the past 9 months - 10.9, 7.8, 12.9, 7.6.
?? In your opinions, are my cortisol and acth numbers normal, or should I pursue additional testing to rule out secondary AI??

In November after my first endocrinologist appointment she ordered a stim test and started me on 25mcg levothyroxine since my tsh was 3.13.

cortisol 7.6 (4.5-22.7)
ACTH 14 (10-60)
30 min cortisol 23.6
60 min cortisol 28.7

Last week (after 8 wks of meds) TSH was down to 1.3, but I still have all of the energy of an eggplant, plus heat and cold intolerance, low-ish body temp, etc. etc. Doc said that the cortisol and ACTH are in a good range, but my pcp said that cortisol should be at the very top of the range. I am 42 and as of 2 years ago was full of energy, balancing work, playing with the kids, lots of tennis, gardening and cooking. Now I am an unemployed couch potato due to my symptoms.

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