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Thank you both for your replies, it is definitely some food for thought.

I've had it with my current GP, although I believe their reason for stonewalling me on referrals might have to do with past interactions with previous physicians.

Around 2007 my physician at the time was treating me for a series of health problems that occurred in short succession.

He was more than willing to prescribe drugs for each individual symptom, however refused to discuss the problem at length.

Finally, in frustration I told him I was sick and tired of taking drugs for each little thing and insisted there must be a systemic cause behind all of these symptoms happening at once.

He became very defensive and snapped at me saying "I have an autoimmune disorder and the happen for no reason at all".

I was shocked, and took his hostile reaction and irrational response to imply he wanted nothing to do with it.

After that point I simply stopped bothering to see him.

In 2009 I experienced a series of strange neurological problems, this is when a lot of the seizure type incidents started to occur.

In 2010 I fell extremely ill and I was in bed for four days with alternating chills/fever and tremors. After that initial complication, I remained quite unwell for three months afterward.

I saw a new doctor at this time, and initially I was hopeful he was going to take my health concerns seriously.

He tested me for HIV, Hepatitis, and a whole swath of other scary diseases yet nothing came up.

After which he presumed I was overreacting in spite of my being apparently ill.

He essentially told me that if I didn't accept a prescription of antidepressants, he would refuse to help me further.

I did not return to that doctor.

In mid/late 2010 I started noticing strange joint looseness and pain, it didn't greatly impede by ability to function, however it was cause for concern.

Around mid 2011 I had my wisdom teeth removed, something that was long neglected, and I became extremely ill as a result, the doctors were quite surprised that I was able to develop such an infection.

I was placed on an initial and then extended dose of antibiotics, after which I started to feel better.

Around that time I started experiencing symptoms of fatigue and dehydration worse than I had ever previously experienced.

I tried consuming electrolyte drinks to alleviate the symptoms, which to an extent helped prevent them from getting worse, but never improving them.

This is when I had sought out another doctor, the current one I am seeing.

During the time I've been seeing this physician, they have administered tests in which my thyroid has been "off", but not overtly dysfunctional.

That is, they don't believe that my thyroid itself is the cause of my problems.

I have heard that when your adrenal system is lagging, the condition can cause other hormone producers such as your thyroid to become taxed as well, this seems perfectly concurrent with what I'm experiencing.

Its interesting to note that 1happycamper has also experienced body temperatures hovering around the 95 degree mark, which is usually where I'm at when I start feeling really awful.

Again, to the doctor's credit, they did take the concerns of my joint pain and looseness seriously, and tried to get me to see a rheumatologist, and I was supposed to get a cortisol shot.

I was optimistic, until the actual appointment in which the rheumatologist was completely incredulous that there was anything wrong at all, and refused to administer the shot altogether. Its really frustrating to think that I might have had some insight as to what was troubling me and was denied that opportunity.

I believe there's a sort of conflict of interest given that the first physician I had problems with is unfortunately on the same primary care network as my current one, and after a certain point they simply refused to help me at all.

My province over the last year or so has been scandalized with accusations that doctors are being bullied into not advocating for patients, whether its for financial reasons, or to prevent humiliation I cannot say.

Its going to be quite difficult finding a doctor outside of my primary care network if that first doctor I had seen has put something on my file effectively discouraging other doctors from pursuing a diagnosis.

Strangely enough I actually saw a doctor that was filling in for my GP a few months ago that was insistent that I be screened for lupus, further lending credibility to the claims that I have some kind of autoimmune problem.

At this point I'm hoping I can convince the geneticist, to either lean on my GP a little, or to refer me to another specialist.

Anyhow, once again, thanks both of you for your replies.

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