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Hi, I am on Prednisone 10mg daily for other autoimmune disease (lupus and RA) and have often wondered if I have Addison's as well. Is it possible to do hormonal testing for adrenal insufficiency on Prednisone, or would the results be invalid? I guess an alternative would be to have anti-adrenal antibodies tested, as the Prednisone might not affect those as much as the hormone levels. I cannot go off Prednisone for testing!
My endo said that the test results would not be accurate if I was on prednisone. She changed me to hydrocortisone. It doesn't stay in your system as long. Even being on that, I could not take it for so many hours before the test....don't remember how many hours.
I take Prednisone for Addison's and was told to have my lab work done by 10AM before taking my morning dose.

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