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Jo, You will find lots of help and support here. Many people with Addison's get their illness well controled with the right mixture and dosing of the cortisone and mineralcorticoid (Fluorinef) if they need it. Many people take their hydrocortisone 3 times a day with most in AM (like 15mg, 10mg at noon, 5 in evening). This is just an example, not a recommendation, as you will need to work with your Dr on that. The other drug for salt, potassium and water balance is crucial if your electrolyes are off. Some people with Addisons lack it, and some do not, but if you have low BP, dizziness when upright, low sodium or high potassium, you probably need it. Addisons causes hypoglycemia too, so keeping blood sugar steady is super important, as low BS makes you feel weak, shaky, sweaty, nauseated, etc. It is important to recognize that and get your sugar up. That will get better as your Cortisone dose gets tweaked to just right levels. So explore the hypoglycemia info too, as that is a long discussion in itself. The good news is that now that you know what is wrong, you can feel better. Some people get better care at their local university clinics, where Drs seem to have more of an interest in the unusual cases and are up on the latest research etc. You might look into that possibility.

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