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I would absolutely avoid all gluten and dairy for awhile and see how you feel. They are two of the most common food sensitivities, and most people with digestive complaints feel much better, and symptoms resolve or improve once the offending foods are removed. You absolutely do NOT have to have Celiac to have gluten sensitivity. I've been tested for Celiac 3 times and results are always negative, yet when I remove it from my diet (along with dairy), I do not experience any of the uncomfortable digestive symptoms. The frequent urination you're experiencing could be caused by many things; food intolerances being one of them. If your body is trying to rid itself of the toxic byproducts its having from particular foods, this will increase urine output.. nature's way of expelling toxic waste. Or the urination (as pertaining to GI issues) may also be the result of an ongoing gastrointestinal infection. Again, the same idea. Your body's way of ridding itself of toxic waste. Perhaps you ought to be tested for bacterial infection, parasites, etc.

Those are just a couple of my thoughts, but please look beyond the traditional doctors and gastro docs as they can often be very "in the box" on these issues, and many digestive disturbances/imbalances often go undiagnosed if left in the hands of traditional medicine. Atleast this has been my personal experience. In fact, I think I ended up with Addison's Disease after many years of my body battling undiagnosed and untreated digestives issues. When your body (GI Tract) is under any ongoing stress (or inflammation), it demands constant cortisol from your adrenal glands, and after awhile they exhaust and the well runs dry. :( Then you end up exhausted with burned out adrenal glands... meaning that you are then dependent on cortisone replacement (steroids) for life. Had I gotten to the GI issues sooner, perhaps I could've avoided Adrenal Insufficiency. At this point, it's irrelevant, but I urge you to keep your body and your mind as stress free as possible because your adrenal glands are truly your "life force"... treat them like gold. Once they go, everything changes.

Take care,

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