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Does your Dr. have you on Fludrocortisone also? I had quite a time with the Hydrocortisone dose not working for me until I was put on the Fludrocortisone as well. I take it once a day along with self medication level on the Hydrocortisone with consulting my Dr.

It took a larger dose than the 20-30 mg recommended daily dose for the Hydrocortisone. Some days just involve more stress and you can not just abruptly take less, you HAVE TO WEAN DOWN or you will cause more extreme fatigue and sometimes Adrenal Crisis.

If you have been bed ridden for almost 2 years, your dosage can not be correct. If you exercise you have to dose up. Too much caffeine can cause problems with dehydration and you will feel like crap and can cause a crisis. Make sure to eat sea salt daily and drink a lot of water. If you are sick of water drink chicken or beef bouillon.

Some months I'm on as low as 20-30 mg of Hydrocortisone daily and some months 60-80 mg daily. It all depends on my stress level, how I eat, if I'm sick. I also have been in much better shape with a high daily dose of Vitamin D. My Dr. had me lower the Vitamin 2000 iu daily, and I felt worse and had to up my steroid use due to adrenal crisis. I went back to the high Vitamin D and now I'm much better and am managing my cortisol replacement level better. I also take a multi B-Stress Complex Vitamin daily. Calcium replacement & daily acidolphyllis helps. Bottom line is, you have to find the right Dr. that is willing to work with you, your dosages and this disease.

Good luck!

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