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hey everyone! glad to be able to post here and get some suggestions and insight.

i've been dealing with symptoms for 12/13 years now. sometimes i'm better than others, sometimes completely dibilitated. i had an ACTH stim test done 10 years ago that came back weird but was swept under the rug. at my wits end with feeling crappy, after years of healthy everything, i went to see a new primary doc a couple of months ago. when i described my symptoms and she did a physical, her first thought was addison's. my am cortisol single was quite normal, along with ACTH single, but she still sent me for an ACTH stim test.

my results on the stim test were
cortisol 10 mcg baseline (normal 6-30)
ACTH 13 baseline (normal 10-40)
cortisol 18 at 30 min
and 15 at 60 min

she told me that this was normal. i looked at the reporting lab's website to find out the normal range at 30-60 min, because it wasn't printed on my report. it clearly states on the lab website that cortisol >20 is considered normal, anything less considered adrenal insufficiency. i showed this to her and she still says "NORMAL". what am i supposed to do now? i've been dealing with this for so long and i just want to feel better! thank you!

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